Writing Samples

“Girl in White”

“Dear Benefactor”

“The Dreaded Interview” -Reading from Worked Stiff: Poetry and Prose for the Common

“Dear Denton” a Letter in Video Read by Marc D. Crepeaux

“Dear Marc” from Letters Never Meant to be Read

She Handles the Propane

I am a Survivor-Revised Edition

“Secrets of a Husband” -A Short Story

“Kid Talk” -A Short

“Feast or Famine” -Twitter Experiment with a Poem

“Tropic Zone” -A Short Story

“The Canoe Cart”- A Story a Day

“Dear Prospective Employer”- A Revision

“Lidia and Simon” -A Story a Day

“The Paratrooper” -A Story a Day

“Secrets of a Wife”- A Story a Day

“The Nail” -A Story a Day

“Midnight Fare” -A story a day

“As We Know”- A Story a Day

Send Your Letters and “To My Heirs”

Jam Jars


If You Like What You Have Read, Many More Can be Found in These Fine Collections:



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