Submissions and Collaborative Projects

Marc is always looking to collaborate with other authors. For collaboration, Marc and a number of other authors can be reached by smoke signals or… they can be easily contacted for general submissions and collaborative projects at

or by email at is the new home of RWM, Check it out!

Here are just a few of the ongoing projects that Marc and Rusty Wheels Media, LLC. (RWM) are accepting submissions for:

Letters Never Meant to be Read (Volume IV) This submission period ends September 1st, 2018. These submissions are ongoing. Be sure to subscribe and check back for updates on the next #LettersNever Writing Contest.         Send your Letters!


Also looking for Letters for LNMR Trump Edition. All sides welcome…

ALWAYS Ongoing. 

Profit Sharing (Percentage of Letters that make it into the next publication= Royalty Percentage by contract PLUS a by line). Of Course, Letters can be anonymous.

If you have any letters of your own, send them to us, signed or anonymous correspondence will always be considered for the collection… attn: Submissions


Rusty Wheels Media, LLC

PO Box 1692

Rome, GA 30162

Here is the First and Second Volumes:

Have you ever wanted to write a letter to that guy or gal you brushed up against on the train? How about that lost love or the friend that did you wrong?  The family member who never really saw you? The teacher or boss who declined to see your worth? What about the person you wished you had thanked?  These are letters that the writers had no intention of ever mailing, snail or otherwise.

This collection of salty rants and unspoken melodies has been curated for the entire world to marvel upon. What was an exercise of the utmost fruition has turned into something very real and offers a hard glimpse into the perspective and time of the letter writer.   Writing your letter can be cathartic and freeing.

This will be, with great hope, a continued collection of signed or anonymous letters that span all subject matter. The writers never intended on mailing them. Some are heartfelt, some sarcastic, some are funny, some are revenge in words, and some are rants. Expressions to the world or wondering what could have been can be healthy, so roll that sacred parchment in an airtight bottle and send it out to sea. Wait…



The third Worked Stiff: Back to the Land. This will focus on nature. Of course, anything loosely involving nature: working the land, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, quiet moments in the forest…you get the idea. RWM will consider unpublished poems, short-stories, essays, etc. Same above contact for these submissions.
No fuzzy or barricading guidelines at this time. Simply send in your work for consideration.
As with Letters Never Meant to be Read, RWM believes in profit sharing with generous percentages based on poems/works that make it into ANY books published.

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    1. You can address multiple people in one letter. There is no word count but be sure your letter tells a compelling story. Not everything has to be explained, but if there is inside information that is pertinent, then it should be addressed. Thanks!

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