Books by Marc D. Crepeaux

Books by Marc D. Crepeaux:

Marc D. Crepeaux is the author of Letters Never Meant to be Read, Letters Never Meant to be Read: Volume IIModern Waste and Worked Stiff: Poetry and Prose for the Common. He is an Army Reserve Captain, an author, entrepreneur, and an English professor. Marc also holds an MFA in Creative Writing.
He grew up next to a crick that ran into a river with a kid brother. They had two bamboo sticks and a dog. Any daughter that grows up in his household has to be able to kill a man with their bare hands, obviously. He loves to fish, sleep with beggars, and his only hope is to go back to the farm.
Marc has worked as a burdock slayer, lawn mower, ice rink attendant, janitor, umpire, baker, sandwich maker, tree planter, pizza delivery boy, cashier, real estate flunky, warehouse goon, songwriter, musician, personal assistant, bookseller, artist, bellman, doorman, concierge, construction stooge, paratrooper, night watchman, taxi driver, taxi company owner, worm farmer, vehicle prospector, linguist, substitute teacher, tutor, entrepreneur, private investigator, English teacher, and writer.
He lives with the esteemed Mrs. Dawson and two daughters in an old, haunted farmhouse right around Rome, Georgia. Marc can be reached at

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