Late to the Party and Strange Writing Habits

On NPR last week, I was amused to hear that people were eating oranges in the shower. Yes, I listen to NPR, I listen to conservative talk radio, I listen to progressive talk radio, I listen to my ever growing Audible library, I listen.

I was even more amused to find that people were having a great time eating oranges in the shower and that it “changed some lives”.

This all started on Reddit a year ago, some mystical place on these interwebs where I have not yet dipped my big toe.

Well, I ate the orange in the shower. As an author and poet, I am always interested in trying new things, even if they seem silly. I am happy to report that it was fun. I did use a Halo. Are these real oranges? Was I cheating? Unsure, but I did smell the orange more and did receive a tingling, goose-bump feeling as I chewed the funny fruit with the hot water pouring down.

It was kind of cool to throw the peel and not care, but I certainly had to clean it up after or my dear wife would have said something. The kids wanted to try it too, and it became a family affair.

I must confess that I only sort of like oranges. I eat, or drink, a lot of fruits and vegetables, but the orange? It’s just alright and not my favorite all the time. Blueberries pack a punch for writing energy when the coffee well has gone dry. This did not spark in me any kind of life-changing event that would help my writing, but it was worth a go. Now that I am a teacher, I do like my red wine in the shower on Friday evening though.

When writing for the Letters Book, I often imagined the person I was writing to was in the room, or behind some secret curtain.

What about you? Are there any strange routines that help you with your writing? I joked around in a previous post about using gasoline and live animals to pump the primer, among other crazy notions, but do you have any weird writing habits?


3 thoughts on “Late to the Party and Strange Writing Habits

  1. Well, I’ve just learnt something new. I don’t have any weird habits like that. If I am looking for inspiration I use an essential oil blend. Funnily enough it’s called Inspiration šŸ™‚ It works


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