A Visit with Poet and Writer Meghan C. Rynn

I thought it would be a good time to showcase one of our letter writers behind the new release Letters Never Meant to be Read. When not trekking miles of tundra to tell someone how it really is or lapping up bowls of milk with her pet panther, Meghan C. Rynn is busy with her budding writing career. Below you will find a bit of magic in a poem or three.


Blue Eyes

Blue eyes

Ocean blue eyes

Graze on the world as it passes

The waves crash down

Over these eyes

As they fill with salty tears

I see you close

I see you near

You hold me, the rain stops

As the last drop hits the sea

Look through these eyes

What do you?

The ocean waves crashing


Where I’m from

A small quiet town

Where cherries fall from the sky

Brothers and sisters move away

Make sure you kiss them goodbye

I’m from a place

Where we juggle clay

And practice singing about a pool all day

I’m from a yard

Where friends come and go

Where the scars on our bodies are memories

Of a time with no sorrow




Mon Amour

We cuddle on our rug

Watching the cozy fire

As the stars above us burn inside the midnight sky

We watch the embers flicker

Hoping time won’t pass by

Bandits whisper in the shadows

But they dare not come near

Their knives held in hand

Yet you still feel no fear

We start out talking

But then we get too shy

We type all our feelings

While the sun begins to rise

We smile at each other

And we kiss our goodbyes

As we leave this place

Our secret place

So snuggly and warm

The place we spent those long summer nights

The place our love was born

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