Six Dares and Secret Powers

It is incumbent on all writers to thoroughly explore their world in order to explain it to the common man. While I spend a considerable amount of time doing things under my own free will, I also find myself trying to accomplish marvelous feats not meant to be completed by man. While some of these can be justified as duty and some simply the knee-jerk reaction to a double dog dare all of them stand as a testimony to the never ending spirit inside of this man. If you call me out to do something under the guise of duty or dares I may be willing to

  1. Shave parts of my body
  2. Eat things which were consuming oxygen and moving at the time of the request
  3. Fall out of moving vehicles, particularly if they are not moving via the use of wheels
  4. Attempt to connect with my neolithic man by sacrificing my worldly status in order to trust the land to provide
  5. Sacrifice small portions of my dignity if it will lead to a good story
  6. Carry accessories which are not sold in a men’s store short distances

While recently adding new, albeit less impressive, tasks to the list I found myself learning a lot about my world and the way I relate to the rest of you intelligent beings. I may or may not have considered myself to be other-worldly for a few years of my life (current periods included), but then I participate in some act of humanity which cancels all of my fantasies of being brought here inside of a radioactive rock from beyond the stratosphere. It is the connection that happens between two humans which leads to the will to complete difficult duties and tougher dares. There is something awesome about sharing an activity with another person which empowers us and is the reason why we live in a portable world powered by the internet with the ability to travel faster than sound and erect structures which cause neck pains to look to the top and dizziness to look down from the top. It is this connection that fuels us to wake up at five in the morning for a fishing trip, sends a lot of people through a series of destructive relationships, and leads us to befriend inanimate objects if left in isolation.

As your writer I am calling you to embrace the power of relationship. Be a mentor, be a darer, and always be dependable. Stick around for more blogs this year as I continue to dive into this strange world and bring you little blurbs about what makes this place great including absurd expressions of art, strange facts, comical anecdotes, and the occasional late night rambling just to let you all know that I still aspirate regularly. Before you head off to read an older post take a second to leave a comment about some dares you’ve completed or some duty, like parachuting into an ocean full of sharks, you’ve been impacted by.

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