A Call to Arms

imageIt is January 30, 2016 and I stand tall and reverent at the mercy of Mother Nature and the IRS. I thoroughly enjoy my days of writing, spying, parachuting, shooting, cabbing and, most importantly, fathering. As the months roll by I file away my memories of all the little pieces that make each year great as well as those which make me want to buy my own island and retire to a truly quiet life. My memories are my sacred moments–my loathing is for all of you to share in so that maybe we can both laugh at it and I’ll keep being your neighbor. So without further ado here are a few of my least favorite things.

  1. That time I found my self in a dire situation and needed to borrow a shirt from a friend only to have him lend me the finest plaid shirt I have ever donned. Having to return that shirt was akin to a child’s first haircut with a little more crying.
  2. When I have crafted the most wonderful song which will surely solidify my status at the top of all charts, lists, and subjects which must be discussed only to discover that I am actually waking up and that tune in my head is my alarm clock.
  3. Being bothered by taxes. Every year this process rolls around as if the IRS is jumping on a pogo stick right where I am trying to walk.

This Tax season I have decided to take a break from things which are described using, ‘hustle’ and ‘bustle’. I am taking a journey back to my dreams. Remember when life was all about critiquing music videos, starting businesses, and creative writing prompts? Remember what it was like to be able to wake up and just think without any worries? I’m heading back there. Caution, meet Wind. Wind, Caution. Tomorrow when I wake up it will be to a poem I was composing in my dreams. Before I have lunch I will have begun turning my daydreams into my next venture. When I take a step it will already be destined towards greatness.

Here’s where you come in. Typically my blog is about letting you know what I have been doing or thinking about. This quick entry is all about you, my followers. Scroll down a bit and click in that comments block to tell me about your dreams, what keeps you up at night, or something great that recently inspired you. Tell me about a song I need to add to my soundtrack or an article I need to read before I write my next poem. Take a second to slow down and be a part of something instead of just being a media sponge. I can’t wait see what drives all of you.


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