I Want to Believe


Earth has been invaded by extraterrestrials we all thought had died nearly 14 years ago. David Duchovny has returned to fill your living room with thought provoking other world encounters that will no doubt drum up some palatable nostalgia for all of you who are eager to burrow divots into your sofas. I speak of you and yours as I am currently indisposed and too far removed from the regular world to be able to connect with this amazing return of Scully and Mulder. This drums up some old memories of my life back in 2013 when a 72-hour show binge was considered a slow week for TV viewing and a busy week for whatever it was that was making Marc D. Crepeaux slightly more of a mogul. These days it seems as if my life circa 2013 were just a seminar on how to be the modern marvel that is Mr. Crepeaux. I often fantasize of instances where I can put my research into practice.There’s a car in my path and I have to reflect on what would look best while wearing a duster. Do I:

  1. Slide across the hood like the plates read, “Hazard County”
  2. Perform a roll sweeping the tails of my phenomenal coat around in the air
  3. Execute an 80’s Sci-Fi leap while tip toeing across the hood as if on wires
  4. Jason-Statham-slap the driver out of his car triggering the next wave of martial artists who stand ready to take me on regardless of what sacrifices their tailored suits must endure

Even as I sit here and think about the new X-Files premier it takes me all the way back home to the Crepeaux house with Mrs. Crepeaux and my loyal pup enjoying all of the benefits of this free world. For my sake and anyone else who can’t be at home to watch the X-Files premier I charge you to binge watch the original series this week. If aliens aren’t your forte then stop reading my blog.

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