Spaghetti Western Handbag

While many of you may think that my sense of fashion is a bit rusty and about as thoughtful as Donald Trump’s hair you’ll be shocked to know that I have found my favorite Prada store in the world. Prada Marfa outside of Valentine, Texas is so exclusive that no one has ever been able to purchase an item there (sounds pretty sexy I must admit). pradamarfa

That’s because it is not an operational Prada store, in spite of the inventory of shoes and hand bags neatly placed on display inside. Prada Marfa was built by artists Elmgreen and Dragset for the sole purpose of watching it decay. Elmgreen and Dragset endearingly refer to this spectacular ode to consumption as “pop architectural land art”. And as I stare at images of Beyoncé dancing about in front of the store all I can think is, “Now this is Modern Waste!” If only I could live 100 more years just to watch the awnings sag like the eye lids of an old Navajo woman with stories of how her niece turned into a falcon in order to escape the treachery of this human flesh. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to drive out here with my kids in the back seat and see that some birds have turned the northwest corner into some sort of fanciful Prada prairie penthouse using pieces of hand bags they recovered from inside after a crack settled into the roof. Today I can only let it fuel my fantasies of assured destruction as I grind my teeth with the angst filled satisfaction that we are eating ourselves. This is my form of retail therapy.

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