Red Eye [Reduction]

So what keeps a mad man up all night? I would like to say it is all the things creeping and lurking in the streets, but it is not. Usually my cases are pretty tame. Follow a guy to prove he’s a scum bag (sometimes, only to find out that he is actually a good guy and a good father), dig up dirt on a person of interest, or occasionally something really exciting like catching a crime on film. These things do not phase my circadian rhythm. What keeps me up at night is the agonizing suffering caused by the apathetic and greedy. What keeps me up is trying to run out of ink. What keeps my eyes so red is you.

I have been working slaving away the past few months typing, writing, scratching (unceasing itch) away at what I hope to be the surface of you and I. I have two works I am preparing to bring to you which I hope will spark some passion in you and some connection to me. By now I hope you have read Modern Waste or at least listened to it. If you haven’t then you better get there now, because I’m building up steam. I’ve got “Worked-Stiff: Poetry and Prose for the Common” all but bound at this point. If you want it, I might share a little with you just leave a reply to this post or tweet with me @marcdcrepeaux.

So I am going to expose you to my inner beliefs and my homemade (in America) soap box with Worked-Stiff. After that we are headed back to North Georgia to check in on our motley crew of criminal survivalists. Ever felt like you had no choice but to get your hands dirty just to keep those three basic needs supplied? Welcome to Modern Waste. You can read all the reviews or even leave your own on Amazon and Good Reads, but that’s about as useful as spitting on a burning man. What you need you to do (I said what I meant) is get your hands on a copy (tangent or techno) and find out what’s going down in Cisco. I’ve got part II on the way and III is in the works.

I am still focusing on scoring 2,000 words every day looking to shed my many layers of hats to get down to just this one. If you’ve read my previous blogs you know I am needed in many realms with my wide range of occupations (with a wide range of varying degrees of seriousness). In my pursuit to becoming a writer I have been building up my little tool bag. I know some of you are writers working on your 6th, 7th, or even 12th novel or you are a writer who found great success with your first publications. Let’s help each other out: post your favorite tools or tips in a reply. Turn this post into a spot where other writers can find the advice they need to get over their current slump or to finish that chapter or even more importantly–to start. Thanks for taking in some North Georgia air with me.

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