About as Coool as You can Get

profileWell, now that I am finishing up this ultra-confusing chapter of my life at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, I have learned one thing…Russian. By now, the robots on the Presidio are figuring whether or not I will be crying myself to sleep over the next few weeks because of my DLPT score and if I will in fact be scarred forever. I suppose if you really want to learn a language in a year and you can still strap on a uniform, this is one scary way to do it. Regardless of the results, I now have the awesome ability to speak, listen, read, write and type in Russian. “So weirdo…what’s next?” I’m so glad you asked…

About a month ago, I started aggressively looking for a job. Justifying yourself to strangers over the inter-webs and figuring out who your friends still are after disappearing for awhile is an interesting task, especially in the Southeast. Being an entrepreneur and writer at heart, I find myself shying away from those abilities when crafting my very truthful resume. Sometimes, people who hire people don’t want entrepreneurs or free thinkers, or is it the other way around? Perhaps entrepreneurs and free thinkers don’t want actual jobs?  Is this just a perception?

I feel sometimes that I have the worst two combinations ever in finding a new career, entrepreneurship and the semi-green uniform I don and shave myself whenever they tell me to. It is difficult to describe to a perspective employer just what a Psychological Operations Officer does but I do the best I can. Also, Owl Cab Co., my child, requires my attention when I get back to GA so it will be enough to muddy the waters. I bought a cheap but solid house in Rome, GA where I used to own my bookstore, now Paradise Lost Books and I am very exited to see the kids. The house is an old brick type with not much of a yard and it is across from a ginormous cemetery. Scared? Not in the least, I will get some good stories and character names out of that place and wait…here it comes….Dad joke…at least the neighbors will be quiet.

So, I am a writer and this is my writing blog as it were, I’ll cut to the chase. As my good friend and fellow writer William Edgar Boggan always asks: “Have you been doing any writing lately?” The answer is yes. The sequel to Modern Waste is well underway and Boggan and I are currently working on a detective manuscript together. I also plan on finishing my “Blue Collar Poetry” book by the end of the summer, something you didn’t even know you were waiting for.

My housemate here in Seaside, California, Steve Kittrell works from home for Sports Car Market and American Car Collector Magazine. With that freedom, he was also able to begin his career as a photojournalist. Here is a link to his blog in which I am senior editor (At least for a few articles when I wasn’t memorizing Russian…Remind me to add that to my already confusing resume). I would love to find a teleworking job like this and have been scouring flexjobs.com in order to find one. Wouldn’t mind being a teacher so that I could write at least half the year, but the pay cut and bureaucracy will get you.

I was looking over my old blog from before I went on this current roller coaster ride and I am happy at most of what I wrote. An entrepreneurial driven humor deal with a really long title on the outdated blogger.com. You can check it out here: http://rustywheelsandtheflyingtrapeze.blogspot.com/

If anybody has any leads or wants to sponsor this hard-working soul, first, learn to read again and buy my book. and then post post post.

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