FIrst Book Signing

A few Saturdays ago I had my first book signing at Old Capitol Books in downtown Monterey. It was really fun and I’d like to thank all those who showed up when I asked. Due to the fact that I am dislocated from most of my friends and family, I didn’t exactly get the line out of the door and down the block  publicity stunt that I would have liked but the turnout was great anyway.

I was able to sell about a dozen or so signed copies, most of which have never heard of me before, which felt great. I could easily get used to the act of talking about yourself and selling a piece of your work. Later that day, I drove to Santa Cruz to Book Shop Santa Cruz. They already have Modern Waste on the shelf and will feature it on their website and magazine in the coming weeks.

I will likely to a book signing at my old homestead Paradise Lost books in Rome, GA between Christmas and New Years, will keep you posted on when.

What does a budding author do at a book signing? I don’t know, I just kind of winged it and it worked out. I was very glad that the very first book that I signed and marked as such was from a total stranger. Hopefully he actually read it and enjoyed himself. Goofy Photos attached, stay classy.

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