This is It, I am Legitimate

Legitimate because I can now have a business card with a website, the rest, not so sure…

My first book Modern Waste has just come out on eBook for kindle, nook and whatever else is handy. When the stars align and whoever from LA calls me to make it into a ever-popular series or movie, I’ll let you know. Until then…

I appreciate those who have bought it and I am sorry for the expense, the publisher Light Switch Press wanted it that way for whatever reason so there it is. I am eagerly awaiting the paperback version which will be out in…any damn time now. Now onto the explanation…


Fair Warning!  Modern Waste is not for the light at heart or for people who are living in the void. It has some bad language, a whole lot of people die and some themes are meant for an adult audience. It is a dirty crime novel set in the backwoods of North Georgia, that is all it was ever meant to be.

“But Marc, Why is it so Short?” Well, I wanted it that way. A novella in form was loved by the Germans and usually based on one major theme. If you want some sappy, over the top ridiculous crime novel, you won’t find it with Modern Waste. I tried something, and I think it worked IF you read it all the way through, you might see what I was going for. Luckily, it won’t take you that long, about two hours or so.

Don’t worry yourself, there is a sequel…I would be working on the ending of that right now, but I am blogging or whatever. This leads me directly into my next point…

Because I think it is a waste of time to blog unless you have a niche and can make a living, I would rather be writing books and use the blog/website as an update. Here is a really great article on why social media can hinder a writer from actually doing as he/she/it should…writing more books. My friend William Edgar Boggan shared this opinion with me and I believe it to be sound.

Light Switch Press? Is it vanity publishing? Is that what you did Marc?

Well now, true vanity is paying straight up for your book to be published. I paid nothing and I get royalties every month. I also had to be accepted. Traditional publishing is dead in my mind until THEY talk to me so a hybrid it is. Light Switch Press is comprised of a handful of people from the publishing world who had enough. The way publishing works now is so random and I didn’t want to sit on my hands and wait for my dirty novella to be published while I cried to myself over rejection letters and cheap wine instead of finishing another. No, that just wouldn’t do…

Amazon is based on crowd sharing principle. Basically, the more you sell, the more you sell “naturally”. It is really an algorithm that they keep secret where sales and 4 or 5 star reviews are the name of the game.

So please, I don’t care about the money, just the clout. Buy now, read, review (4 or 5 stars) and buy often.



2 thoughts on “This is It, I am Legitimate

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